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Fife Red Squirrel Group


Here in Fife, we're very fortunate to have red squirrels on our doorstep. This iconic and now threatened animal can be seen from Devilla Forest in the west all the way to Tentsmuir Forest in the northeast, and at numerous forests in between. That said, the red squirrel is quite elusive, so you have to listen out for it - and look up!


Red squirrels have undergone a dramatic decline across the UK, with only about 160,000 left. 75% of these are found in Scotland. Our native red faces a number of threats - most notably from the introduced grey squirrel through competition for food and spread of disease, and through habitat loss. 


The Fife Red Squirrel Group aims to support the conservation of red squirrels across the Kingdom. The voluntary group was constituted in 2014. We welcome new members at any time!

Have You Seen a Red or Grey Squirrel in Fife?

Please let us know by logging your sightings here in just a few simple steps. 

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